Coconut Halwa

Coconut halwa

Sweets will score major part in Gujarat; they are best in doing different recipes. I have learnt one sweet recipe called coconut halwa which I want to share you. It is very simple recipes that can be prepared in very short time duration. Within half an hour you can prepare this sweet and you can serve for your special guest. The major ingredient for this recipe is milk and coconut.

Ingredient Required

·         Coconut fresh – 500 gm (grated)

·         Powdered Sugar – 100 gm

·         Mawa – 150 gm (khoya)

·         Ghee – 100 gm

·         Milk -2 cup

·         Almonds & pistachios – 50 gm (finely chopped)

Directions to Prepare

1.      Initially you need to heat the ghee in medium flame.

2.      Roast the coconut in medium flame until it turns to light pink color.

3.      No add the khoya and sit well.

4.      Then add sugar and milk and stir continuously.

5.      Stir until the ghee separates, check whether you get a thick consistency.

Now remove from the flame and garnish it with almonds and pistachios.

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