Bharwan Bhindi

Are you wishing to eat some innovative food made up of bhindi? Then you can try my recipe named Bharwan Bhindi and I tried some innovation in it. It is a type of gujarati food and it is called as Sambhariya Bhindi where it is prepared in very short time duration.

Required ingredients

·         250 grams of okra

·         Finely chopped tomatoes for garnishing purpose

·         One table spoon of Gathiya

·         Two tbsp of Cumin and coriander powder

·         One tbsp of fried rice flakes

·         One tsp of Ginger-garlic paste

·         ½ tsp of Turmeric powder

·         Three tsp of red chili powder

·         Salt as per your taste

·         Two tsp of lemon juice

·         One tbsp of coriander leaves

·         One tbsp of oil

·         Two tbsp of Oil

·         One tsp of cumin seeds

·         Asafetida, a pinch

Preparation direction

·         Firstly you need cut both ends of the okra veggie and cut it in long

·         Mix all the stuffing ingredients like Gathiya, Cumin and coriander powder, fried rice flakes, Ginger-garlic paste, Turmeric powder, red chili powder, Salt, lemon juice, coriander leaves, oil.

·         After you get satisfied in blending then fill it in the okra veggie.

·         Now heat the oil pan in medium heat, add some cumin seeds.

·         If it gets spluttered add some asafetida and make your flame slow.

·         Add the stuffed okra fry it for two minutes and then cover it with a lid.

·         Once it become soft then switch off your stove and garnish it with tomatoes.

·         It can be served with regular dish and it will be best side dish!!


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